Standard bookmarklet

The bookmarklet shortens the URL of the page that you are seeing when used, saving the time that takes you to copy the URL and paste it in
The only thing you must do is drag the following link to your browser toolbar, or make a right click on it and add it to bookmarks/favorites:

Plus, if your are using firefox and you want the bookmarklet has a icon, you can use any of the following add-ons:

Once installed, you must make a right click on the bookmarklet, select properties, click on the Browse button and select the icon you want to use. If you want to use the icon you can write this in the file name:

Using in TweetDeck (endpoint)

In order to use in TweetDeck you will need the version 0.34.1 of TweetDeck, you can download it from the official page.

1. Once installed or updated, open it and click on "Settings", wich has a icon of an adjustable spanner (its placed in the upper-right corner of the main window).

2. A new window will be opened, in wich one you must click in "Services" in the menu of the left and then select "Other" in the pulldown that appears to the left of "Select the service you wish to use to shorten your URLs".

3. Where it says "Other URL Shortening Endpoint" you must write:

4. We click on "Save" and all done! Now when you paste or write a link it will be shortened with!